Dentist. Black belt. Traveler. Mom. I thought I was invincible. I was wrong. SPS tried to hijack my life. Instead, it gave me purpose.

Traversing Tassie: Running to Shine a Light on Stiff Person Syndrome

Announcing TTX2

SPSRF Newsletter November 2020 Here we are: November 2020! What an amazing month we have had! I was at Johns Hopkins for my monthly visit, second one in person. Yay! Met one of the new researchers and of course my neurologist whom I always love seeing. It was great to talk about the research that…

Jacqui Atkinson with her book One in a Million

One in a Million

SPSRF Newsletter October 2020 “This has been an exciting, surprisingly emotional day. Two hours ago I was at the bank opening an account for my nonprofit foundation…” That was my Facebook post dated December 5th, 2019 announcing the birth of The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation. It is astounding how far we’ve come since then,…