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Finding Your Quarterback: The SPSRF Newsletter June 2021

Dr Assil Saleh, Tara's Quarterback, or primary care physician

How many times have you walked away from a doctor’s appointment thinking, that was not helpful. Whether you have a rare disease or are the epitome of health, I can’t stress enough the importance of having a superstar primary care doctor to quarterback your health care. For those who read the Washington Post article, you know I’ve been through the ringer with finding the right docs. Listen to the wise words of my QB featured this month. She is what you should look for!

RESEARCH UPDATE:  We are closing the gap! Since last month we are $2k closer to funding what could be a breakthrough pilot study for Johns Hopkins researchers to find targeted treatments. We’ve raised $69k for research and have $26k to go! Go Team Go!


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Find Your Quarterback

After being dismissed by my former primary care physician, I found my quarterback in Dr. Assil Saleh. She knew something was wrong and referred me to the right person to uncover my mystery disease. Watch the interview with Dr. Saleh who describes the steps to becoming a patient’s QB.

The SPSRF Moment of Wow

ICYMI: Living Rare, Living Strong

Last weekend I was a presenter for NORD’s (the major influencers in the rare disease space) Living Rare Living Stronger Patient & Family Forum. I spoke on a panel with my neurologist from Johns Hopkins, Dr. Scott Newsome, about patient-doctor collaboration which is paramount in dealing with rare diseases. Watch the Patient-Professional Partnership Plenary for FREE by registering and using the promo code SREFLRLS2021.