From: PN <info@stiffperson.org>

To: info@stiffperson.org

Subject: [Feedback from: The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation]

Name: PN
E-mail: Pfn2022@protonmail.com
Message: As a foundation your reputation is tarnished by all the nonesense advertising and business like policies and methods you use to collect confidential users data, I ask that all my data be deleted and that you provide information as to how your none essential cookies can be disabled, this is the law in the State of California , however after spending multiple hours reviewing all the policies on your site I have not found one place that user can make his or her choice as to the cookies you impermissebly install on users devices. It is ashamed that humans like you use people's misery and illness as a tool to create a business under the guise of being a "foundation".