This is no ordinary race. This one’s for Isla.

1 Day

2.4 mile swim

112 mile bike ride

26.2 mile run

Total: 140.6 miles

I am Randy Latza, Isla’s Gruncle (great uncle). I have been a runner for over 40 years and a triathlete for over 20. Over the years I have raced, usually in some crazy costume, but always for causes including MS and a variety of different cancers. Again this year my cause is a personal one as my wife Mary and I will be racing to help raise funds and awareness to find better treatments and a cure for SPS from which Isla suffers.

I have always been blessed with a body that can do some incredibly amazing (and incredibly stupid!) things. I’ve never understood why it works as well as it does, but have always been happy to test its limits. Occasionally my body will rebel against me and force me to think twice about what I’m doing. I can almost always “fight through” whatever the issue is and continue on my adventure.

I cannot imagine what it must be like if that “adventure” is merely trying to tie my shoes, walk to the next room, or simply exist, and my body said no, you’re going to be in pain and I’m going to shut down all movement. Right now. That is what people like Isla live in fear of every day.

Mary and I have a goal to raise $40,000 this year to benefit The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation to help find a cure, raise awareness, and promote education so that Isla’s future includes the ability to enjoy any activity and lifestyle she chooses.

$7,496 of $40,000 raised

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          Mary completed Part 1 of the adventure by competing in Ultraman Florida in February. The next step is my competing in the Ironman World Championships on May 7th.Throughout the year we will be competing in several other Ironman events, marathons, and ultra marathons as we work towards our fundraising goal, and push our bodies beyond their limits, culminating with the Ultraman World Championships in late November.

          We have chosen to use our journey in preparing for these races to raise funds to benefit The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation. The only way to move forward in this rare disease is through research enabled by individual donations.

          Join us by donating today.Thank you for helping us get there!